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This is a concept artwork of one of my ardynoct RP and HC characters: Ardyn’s jealous relative (in the RP it’s his half-brother) and Noctis’ ancestor who built a magic wall around ancient Insomnia as the first King of Lucis after Ardyn had been erased from history.

Fragments of his soul were distributed among his royal successors of the Lucian bloodline for 2000 years. He awakes with the Chosen One’s birth, slowly erases Noctis’ counsciousness to replace it with his own, making Noctis, who loves Ardyn, losing control of himself. The jealous King is a tragic sadist, manipulated by Bahamut, as he ultimately seeks for Ardyn’s suffering and destruction. His intention is to purge Eos from demons and to rule the world alongside the Gods to become one himself eventually.

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