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August 14 2017

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Still in hermit mode so I haven’t been very active on social media lately. But here are some Prompto sketches that I posted on instagram (lol idk what the last one is all about) He’s my fave dorkobro so far! _(:3」∠)_

Also trying out a new, looser style + brush, what do you think? :3c

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“Dunno about you but, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be” 💟💛

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Status Effect: Confusion

Imagine if the enemy Gladio was seeing Prom as was an MT
So he’s yelling at Noct to get away from that MT

Czytaj dalej

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Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017


Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 


This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

Keep reading

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☀ fun in the sun at galdin quay ☀

August 13 2017

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“Don’t you dare just fuck off like that ever again…”

(…I don’t want a new Shield)

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Ignis: Leave the poor homeless man alone, Noct.

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I: ‘Welcome back, Majesty’

G: ‘You always did pick the worst times to take a nap’

N: ‘H-how?’

G: ‘Well, you definitely died - but the prophecy wasn’t very specific was it?’

P: ‘Thou shalt not use Phoenix Downs! Or y’know first aid’

I: ‘It might have been prophesied for you Noctis, and you did as asked, but we were not so inclined.’

N: ‘Oh…’

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i’ll take ‘em all out. - need a hand with that? - don’t make me laugh.

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Final Fantasy XVPrompto and Gladio enjoying their skewers

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FFXV Week » Day One || Favorite Moment

Dad… the time we had together, I cherish. 

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fake snapchat stuff

Prompt suggestions for Ardyn Week are currently open!



To better organize and keep track of prompt suggestions, please submit them in the submission box. Prompt suggestions will not be accepted anywhere else.

Prompt suggestions will be open until October 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm PST. After that, the submission box will be closed, and prompt suggestions will no longer be accepted.

@firebyfire if u haven’t seen this yet ;)

I haven’t. Thank you. My life is complete now.

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The brat prince

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1 More DAYS before my FFXV body pillow preorder CLOSE!
Please go here for info:===> LINK

and dont forget about the giveaways too!!>w<

I torture all my friends. It’s how I show my love.
— Ardyn (probably)
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