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February 08 2018

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Ardyn referring to Noct as “the boy” tho

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“Dad… Thanks for everything.”

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His little skip tho






u so



when u

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Gladiolus Amicitia x Noctis Lucis Caelum


| /// Blushing Bride /// |

“Ready to tie the knot, Princess?” ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )

“G-gladio, cut it out.” (¬ ////¬ );


Gladnoct Week Day: 6-7 Gladio likes to lift Noctis // Prince and Shield marriage-esque ceremony

[For the last day of Gladnoct Week I wanted to make something a little silly. So here is Noct and Gladio playing around and Noct being embarrassed haha Thank you to everyone who supported my entries this week, I am very grateful to all of the acceptance and care. It was great to see all of the art/edits/fics everyone made! Please have a good day/evening and take care!]

Characters belong to Square Enix

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Invisible bazooka

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February 07 2018

Gladnoct Level 120



(;•́︿•̀  ;) h….hewwo…?

  ……. ( •́  ‸•̀`) hewwo….? is anybodwy hewre…?


`Σ ( •́△•̀|||)` HEWWO?!? HEWWO!!?!!?????

sorry, i missed *aims again*

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Many Customers Messaged or Emailed Us Saying “If I Can Still Preorder Your Highness -The Vow- Series?”

◆ Here It Comes >>> https://www.lolitawardrobe.com/search/?Keyword=Your+Highness+-The+Vow-
◆ For those sweeties who preordered this series before, your orders are being in tailor process, please don’t worry :)

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Ardyn Izunia x Noctis Lucis Caelum

|“Can’t you just feel the love in the air… Majesty?”|


Ardynoct Week Day 3: // Enemies to Lovers //

[Ah dramatic love/hate moment in the rain… I am not sure why I made this so serious/dark, but I think maybe it fits the heavy feeling for the final battle in the end with all Ardyn’s taunting. I hope this is okay? Please enjoy and have a good day! ( ´ ▽ ` )/ ]

Characters belong to Square Enix

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Ardyn Izunia x Noctis Lucis Caelum


  • |Amplexitur me|

  • Ardynoct Week Day 1: Mythology // Touch-Starved // Body Worship //
    Noctis purges the daemons from Ardyn


    [Ah, hello!~ This is my first time posting for this pairing, so I hope this looks alright! Ardyn’s fluffy hair is very hard to draw.  (¬ε¬ ); I wanted to draw something sweet/light for them but it ended up being a little bit more sad/dramatic than I planned…  Ah anyway, I just felt like Ardyn needed a hug! So here is a fluffy hug for the Chancellor. I hope to make more entries, so I will try my best with my schedule! Please enjoy and have a good pairing week! \ (´▽`;)/ ]

    Characters belong to Square Enix

    A goal to accomplish this year: write a heart-wrenching Gladnoct fic to the song “Shield of the King” because the music is absolutely fantastic.

    And if someone was nice enough to tell me lyrics, I’d appreciate it greatly. 

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