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July 16 2017

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the power of kings ♥

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Happy Valentine, Aho.
by MeguMonster

Posted with permission of the artist. Please visit their DeviantArt profile for more of their amazing fanart!


But like why is there still this concept that males don’t like cute mushy romantic shit and being emotionally taken care of? Just the other day I was cuddling with my boyfriend and after admiring him for awhile I told him, “Your eyes are so beautiful, they look like mini oceans” and I swear to god I heard him squeak in embarrassment and saw his cheeks actually begin to blush. Sometimes he likes being the little spoon and although I’m half his size I’m always happy to play jet pack. If he’s having a bad day he knows he can lay his head on my shoulder and just bawl his eyes out and I won’t think any less of him. Guys have emotional needs and want to feel loved and taken care of too yanno.

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Ballroom E Youkoso ep. 2 - “Kiyoharu Hyoudou”

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This is a concept artwork of one of my ardynoct RP and HC characters: Ardyn’s jealous relative (in the RP it’s his half-brother) and Noctis’ ancestor who built a magic wall around ancient Insomnia as the first King of Lucis after Ardyn had been erased from history.

Fragments of his soul were distributed among his royal successors of the Lucian bloodline for 2000 years. He awakes with the Chosen One’s birth, slowly erases Noctis’ counsciousness to replace it with his own, making Noctis, who loves Ardyn, losing control of himself. The jealous King is a tragic sadist, manipulated by Bahamut, as he ultimately seeks for Ardyn’s suffering and destruction. His intention is to purge Eos from demons and to rule the world alongside the Gods to become one himself eventually.

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Heat 2 is here :D

The newest episode of Ballroom e Yousoko is perfect. Kiyoharu was amazing, his VA did a wonderful job and I can’t wait to see him getting all pissed in the next episode :3

Also, Kagame was a true delight. I need more of him ♥


How I wanted the first lines of my story to be: serious, poetic, something to look back on and slap your forehead at because of the hidden foreshadowing

The actual first lines of my story:

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its kiss day today!

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Love when they change clothes ( ̄ω ̄)♡

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This time you can rest in peace.

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never fear shadows. they simply mean there is a light shining somewhere nearby.

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Special gift art for lastkingoflucis of an image inspired by the wonderful fic Vox Populi, Vox Dei~!  Truly a battle against fate that is ever a delight to read, with the story making me extra excited to see what happens next every single time, haha.  <3  Please be aware that the story is for mature audiences already familiar with major endgame spoilers, so keep this in mind if you choose to read it.




So, in my art history class today, my professor was talking about something that is so fuckin awesome.


These are warrior shields from the Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea. The warriors paint them with imagery meant to symbolize animals who have traits they wish to embody in battle. These depictions are intended to give the person using it the powers of what they’re depicting.

Now. Look at this Wahgi shield:


Hmm. That looks a bit different from the others.


That looks VERY different. Why, it looks like


The Phantom… American comic book character by Lee Falk. And that’s because it is.


The Wahgi people were isolated from the rest of the “modern” world until 1933. They came into contact with WWII service men who shared some aspects of western culture with the tribesmen. In particular, they showed them the comic books they read while shipped out. The Wahgi loved them. In particular, the Wahgi adored the stories of the Phantom, who wasn’t even particularly popular in its home of America.

He is so popular that the few Wahgi who can read english will read the comics out loud in the village center and hold out the pages for everyone to see, so the whole tripe can enjoy them and marvel at the Phantom’s might in battle.

They identify with the Phantom because he came from a jungle territory, like them, wore a mask to fight, like them, and came from a long line of warriors, which the Wahgi, who worshiped their ancestors, deeply respected. Further, despite not really having superpowers, the Phantom is strong, clever, and incredibly fast. He was so fast that his enemies began to believe that he was impervious to bullets and could not be killed.

Therefore, the Wahgi began painting HIM on their shields to invoke HIS abilities in battle. There are TONS of Phantom-Wahgi shields out there.

So, you might think that you’re huge comic book fan, but the Wahgi have taken their Phantom fandom to the next level and have made the Phantom a fucking talisman to carry into battle for strength.

More pictures here!

The Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea have long made enormous shields from tree trunks, and have continued to make these shields as a form of ritual artwork. In the late 20th century, many of these Papua New Guinea highlanders began incorporating “new ideas” into their traditional works, so that shields bore emblems of football teams, beer brands, and, yes, the Phantom. Western comic books became widely available in the region after World War II, and the Phantom became a particularly popular character.

Czytaj dalej

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